Altamira Caves:

Museo Altamira.                               39330 Santillana del Mar.
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Its wonderful room of policromated pictures, represents one of the first artistic expressions of the man of the paleolithic. The visit is guided and the waiting list goes up to three years.


El Castillo Cave:

37670 Puente Viesgo.                   Telephone:

It is about 1km long and you can find over 150 figures that represent the different styles that are characteristic of the Superior Paleolithic.


Las Monedas Cave:

37670 Puente Viesgo.                   Telephone:

It is a big cave that has around 300 metres of depth. The samples of cave art are found in a small lateral chamber next to the central one. It contains black paintings of animals and a panel of engravings.


Las Chimeneas Cave:

37670 Puente Viesgo.                   Telephone:

It takes its name because of the two levels that the cave has and which are communicated through karstic chimneys. The cavity has various panels of "macarroni" with some animals and abstract paintings.


La Pasiega Cave:

37670 Puente Viesgo.                   Telephone:


It is a cave of about 300m in length with galleries and complicated topography. Almost all of the cave shows parietal samples, both with paintings and engravings, being with Castillo the nicest site in the Cantabrian manifestations.

Covalanas Caves:

Ctra. Colindres-Burgos. 39800 Ramales de la Victoria.

It is the most important and accessible of the zone of Ramales. There are two galleries in which there are diverse representations of hinds, a horse and a red deer. The visit is guided.


Chufi'n Caves:

39553 Riclones (Rionansa). Telephone:

Caves difficult to borders of the marsh of Palombera at which it could be arrived in boat. It has paintings and engravings of animals in red and ocher. The visit is guided and in groups of four.


Santiya'n Caves:

39609 Escobedo de Camargo.

Small gallery with stalactite formation of great beauty. It contains interesting pictorial representations. The visit is made in groups of four.

Cullalvera Cave:

39809 Guardamino                   (Ramales de la Victoria)

The entrance to the cave is of small dimensions but despite its small size the access is easy. There are no Lithogenic formations.


La Haza Cave:

39800 Ramales de la Victoria

The cave is aproximately 10m. deep. At the bottom of the cave we can find three horses painted in red and other painted figures.


Sotarriza Cave:

39800 Ramales de la Victoria

The cave has medium dimensions, with a gallery of 110m in length. Noteworthy is a horse painted in black.